Lizard-Hipped And Bird-Hipped Dinosaurs

Because of intensive research scientists found out that the dinosaurs can be classified according to the position of their pelvic bones in lizzard-hipped dinosaurs and in bird-hipped dinosaurs.

Lizzard-hipped dinosaurs or Saurischia have a basin similar to the today living lizard.

Some examples of lizzard-hipped dinosaurs
  • Barosaurus - heavy reptile - four-legged plant eater
  • Carnotaurus - carnivorous bull - two-legged meat-eater
  • Ceratosaurus - horned lizard - two-legged meat-eater
  • Microraptor - small predator - two-legged meat-eater
 Barosaurus Carnotaurus
 Ceratosaurus Microraptor

Bird-hipped dinosaurs or Ornithischia have a basin similar to the today living bird.

Some examples of bird-hipped dinosaurs
  • Avimimus - Bird imitator - two-legged omnivorous
  • Ankylosaurus - stiffened lizard - four-legged plant eaters
  • Centrosaurus - Sharp peak lizard - four-legged plant eater
  • Parasaurolophus - Crested lizard - probably four-legged plant eaters

 Avimimus Ankylosaurus
Avimimus Ankylosaurus
 Centrosaurus Parasaurolophus
Centrosaurus  Parasaurolophus