The Nursery Of The Dinosaurs

How did dinosaurs grow up?

Did the dinosaurs lay eggs?
Like all reptiles and modern-day birds dinosaurs laid eggs. Some laid their eggs simply in the sand and allowed the warmth of the ground to incubate the eggs. Other ones built nests like some of our nowadays birds do.


How the dinosaurs incubated the eggs
Not all dinosaurs incubated their eggs using body warmth, but packed plants on their nest. When the plants decayed, the dinosaur eggs were incubated by the resulting amount of warmth.


How the dinosaurs cared for their hatchlings
Sometimes the dinosaurs laid their eggs in big colonies, so they could watch over them together and also defend them together. The dinosaurs cared for their youngs ones, some more, some less like reptiles or our nowadays birds.
The Maiasaura for example laid the eggs in big colonies and cared for the young ones until they were old enough to help their parents looking for food. The Orodromeus also laid the eggs in colonies, but didn't care for the hatchlings very much but left them on their own from the very beginning.